Your Best-Case Scenario Might Be an Exaggeration

A silhouette of a person jumping in joy.

Just as your worst-case scenario is unlikely to happen, so is your best-case scenario.

You very likely won’t…

  • achieve extraordinary success overnight.
  • get a job offer after complimenting someone publicly.
  • be promoted on your first day at a new job.
  • get a book deal after writing your first blog post.
  • be invited for an interview with Joe Rogan after recording your first podcast episode.
  • be featured on a YouTube channel with a million subscribers after you publish your first video.
  • make a sale on your very first attempt.
  • achieve financial independence immediately after starting a new company.
  • get your own entry on Wikipedia after your first tweet.
  • change the entire industry after calling out someone who needs to be called out.
  • make a huge difference immediately after you show up.

And you don’t even have to; if you can make consistent, small steps, you’ll surely get to make a difference with time.