You Might Not Need a Shiny New Feature

A code editor opened on a laptop screen.

Before shipping a new software feature, try asking the following questions:

  • Does the feature really add value beyond the marketing potential of a shiny new thing?
  • Will it really benefit our customers, or do they only think they need it?
  • Will the new feature add more complexity and confusion to the product’s interface?
  • Is it in direct or indirect conflict with one of our existing features?
  • Is there a simple workaround with our current features that makes the new addition redundant?
  • Are there some bug reports that could signify a potentially serious problem we’re overlooking?
  • Could we spend some time polishing existing features, improving speed and reliability instead of adding something new?

If you’re satisfied with all of your answers, go ahead, implement the shiny new thing. And if you’re not, perhaps you want to take a step back, as there might be other things that would add more value to your customers.