Do the Challenging Thing

A person writing in a notebook next to two people laughing and enjoying on a sofa.

If you ever have a choice, don’t pick an easier task; pick a more demanding one. Or better yet, insist on doing the challenging work, on something that pushes your boundaries and tests your limits.

Spending the entire day on email replies might seem productive, but it certainly doesn’t add as much value as creating something meaningful.

Following orders and specifications to the letter is straightforward. Asking relevant questions that might reveal underlying problems and challenges, not so much.

Complaining about a bug is effortless. Pinpointing the exact point of failure requires much more work, thoughtfulness, and knowledge.

Finding convincing excuses to procrastinate is simple. Doing the difficult work that matters, moves the project and the entire team forward requires sacrifice and patience.

Avoid easy and default to doing the hard, challenging thing.

Hat-tip to Karl Yang for the thoughtful article on complaining vs. making.