The Power of Thank You

White paper on a desk with "thanks!" written on it.

A seemingly simple thank you can have very transformative power.

Thank you can:

  • make or break the project
  • shift deadlines
  • change one’s attitude
  • win (or lose) you the job
  • change the way you think about your audience
  • change the way your audience thinks about you
  • get you more (or less) money for the same amount of work
  • disempower (or empower) your competition
  • increase (or decrease) your revenue
  • change your level of satisfaction and happiness
  • get you to your goal faster

A thank you goes a long way; it’s incredibly powerful, doesn’t cost much and it cannot be overused. But there’s one catch to it. You have to really mean it, otherwise it won’t work.

Thank you so very much for reading.