Reaching Your Destination

Most of us have goals, dreams, wishes and destinations. Some people say that having those is inherently bad since it distances us from the present moment, but I don’t agree with them entirely. I don’t think that goals and dreams are the problem; the problem is that people want to make them happen tomorrow (or better yet, today). As you would have guessed it, this is rarely possible.

The route to any destination worth traveling to is bumpy, curvy and pretty much uncertain. It takes a lot of steps to get to a place where you want to be. Instead of focusing on the distant goal, it’s much smarter and much more important to focus on the next step, on the step that’ll take you… well, one step closer to your destination.

If you want to write a bestselling book, first step is not actually writing a book that will become a bestseller. First step might be to write a poem. Second step to open a blog. Third might be writing a short blog post, fourth getting a first reader, and so on and on until you’re at the place where you can actually write a bestselling book while making a small step.

Always keep in mind that you probably won’t reach your destination with your next step; but your next step will take you one step closer to your destination — that alone is reason enough to take it.

And don’t forget, in case you reach your destination, it’s time to start going towards another destination.