Performing Under Pressure

A massive crowd watching a football game in a stadium.

Everyone can perform well when the stakes are low, when there’s nothing to lose or gain.

That’s why we appreciate and admire individuals who perform well when it’s most important, when the pressure and stress are the highest.

We know you do well in your backyard and in your home when no one is watching. But can you repeat the same performance in a stadium with 50,000 people watching? Or live in front of a camera for your entire audience?

Because that’s exactly when it matters the most, and that’s precisely when it makes the most significant difference—both for you and everyone around you.

There’s no easy way to get better at this, but you can try to put yourself in stressful situations as often as possible. When someone is looking for a volunteer, raise your hand. When your client expects a detailed brief, insist on delivering it yourself. When you’re attending a meetup (online or offline), ask questions, or even better, give a talk.

With time and practice, you’ll get better, and it’ll get easier.

Can you raise the stakes today and do something exceptional that will stretch you and test your limits?