On Distracting Environments

View on a noisy street from a window.

It’s difficult to focus in a noisy, distracting environment.

Construction works in the building, a loud street outside a window, or the neighbors blasting music can be devastating for your productivity.

We’re all very aware of this. But it seems like we’re not so aware that the similar things we often do affect us almost in the same way.

Opening social media can be just as noisy as construction works. Multitasking just as detrimental for your focus as a loud street, and constant email or messaging notifications from your coworkers just as distracting as a party next door.

That’s why you should do your best to make your external and internal environments as inviting as possible.

And since you usually can’t do much about the external things, at least make sure your digital environment is mindful. Close the browser window and all unnecessary apps, turn on do not disturb mode, and mute chat and mail notifications.

A couple of simple things like these can boost your productivity significantly.