International Women’s Day Is a Reminder

Two women scientists working in a laboratory.

Specific events like today’s International Women’s Day can serve as good reminders about things we need to act upon urgently.

Today is a good day to remind ourselves about the inequality women face everywhere, from public places to workplaces. It’s a reminder that women are afraid to speak up because of the consequences this might have on their careers and lives. It’s a reminder about the struggles women are forced to endure that men can’t even imagine.

And it’s also a reminder of the incredible bravery of women. It’s a reminder about women’s contributions, accomplishments, ideas, and breakthroughs. It’s a reminder about everything women do that we somehow miss or fail to acknowledge.

But under no circumstances should this be used as an excuse to ignore women for the rest of the year. We can’t speak up only once in a while and expect change to happen. They deserve better. You deserve better.

Thank you for your contribution. Thank you for standing up and raising your voice. You matter.

And we’re sorry. We can do better, and we will do better.