Embrace Difficulties

A worried person sitting on a sofa, holding their own hands.

Dealing with difficult situations is always the hardest.

Writing a pleasant email full of compliments is easy. Writing a one where you inform someone that you’re canceling the deal is far from it.

Sharing a video on your fantastic success is easy. Sharing one on the horrible mistake you made is incredibly difficult.

Telling your partner that you’ve booked the ticket for your dream holiday is heart-warming. Telling them that you’ve missed the opening window and that all plane seats are taken is hearth-breaking.

Informing your client or boss that you’re two weeks ahead of schedule is easy. Telling them that you’re not going to make the deadline is stress-inducing.

Dealing with a difficult situation is hard because it makes you vulnerable. Because it forces you to find strength, courage, and a way to disconnect the outcome from your personal feelings and self-worth.

But it’s precisely how you’ll make the most progress. It’s precisely what you need to grow and improve.

Don’t shy away from the difficult things; embrace them and learn from them.