Create a System To Reach Your Goals

Bullet journal and a pen on a table.

When we’re setting goals, we usually think about a distant success we want to experience. (A large audience, financial independence, good health, and so on.)

The problem with this is that we rarely see the exact steps we need to take to get there. And suppose we’re trying to figure out our next step every day. In that case, we waste a lot of energy and time planning instead of actually working towards our goals.

One of the best ways to get around this and make headway is to create a system you can follow closely, a system that will get you to your goal bit by bit.

Systems work because they give you structure.

  • They offload your mental overload of planning and allow you to stick to a specific routine. (You no longer think about what you should do next; you simply take another step.)
  • They stop you from wasting time by following unrelated tangents and ideas. (You don’t start a new project in the middle of work; you finish the task at hand instead.)
  • They give you clear things to track regularly. (You no longer have to worry if you’re on the right path; you trust that the system you put in place will get you there slowly.)
  • They prevent you from daydreaming and fantasizing. (You no longer think about a massive audience you will get; you focus on writing the next article instead.)

What system can you put in place today to get closer to your goals over the long run?