Whispering Megaphone

Two people whispering.

Whenever you’re not heard (literally or metaphorically), your inclination might be to shout or use a megaphone.

The louder you are, the more people should hear you. The only problem is that people will do their best to ignore you. (Think of popup ads, cookie notices, and full-page overlays.)

But there’s also another way. You can actually try whispering.

You either whisper into someone’s ear (an intimate conversation, perhaps an email, or a direct message on social media) to create a direct connection with that person.

Or you whisper into the abyss (a thoughtful, meaningful story that certainly won’t go viral), in which case someone might stop everything they’re doing, intrigued to hear what you’re saying.

Give it a try. It might be just as effective, if not more, as shouting.

Hat-tip to Jamie Russo for the inspiring thought.