Weekly Review

A person holding a pen, reviewing some papers on a wooden table.

To be sure you’re on the right track, it’s a good idea to reassess your trajectory periodically. Otherwise, you could be going in the wrong direction without even realizing it.

A weekly review is a good starting point, and here are some of the questions you can ask to figure out if you should change something:

  • What were my levels of happiness and frustration in the previous week?
  • Have I made some measurable progress toward my goals?
  • What can I do to improve my meaningful output?
  • What were the stumbling points? What can I change to avoid them in the future?
  • What have I learned, and have I implemented the newly acquired knowledge?
  • What is the most important, tangible thing I should accomplish in the week ahead?

Making a habit out of this will help you understand your current state and your future prospects.

Adjust your strategy on a week-to-week basis. And if you’re not happy with the answers consistently, it’s probably time for significant changes.