There’s Never Enough Time (If You Believe It)

A person holding a silver-colored pocket watch.

Relating to time, people usually fall into one of the two categories:

  • I don’t have nearly enough time.
  • I have plenty of time.

Obviously, most people fall into the first category. They’re aware of it, and they keep thinking about it and reminding themselves and everyone around them how little time they really have.

But, as you surely know, when we focus our thoughts on something, it usually becomes a part of our experience. Believing that you don’t have time will subconsciously guide your actions to create a deficit even when there isn’t one. The most obvious form this takes is called procrastination.

What if, instead of thinking that you never have enough time, you start believing that you got all the time in the world to do meaningful things you want to do?

Your subconscious will shift from the constant search for problems and focus on finding solutions.

Once you adopt the new mindset, you might start living it. And you might even find that you don’t need nearly as much time as you assumed to achieve what you wanted to achieve.

At the end of the day, do you want others to see you as a person who never has time for anything or as a person who accomplishes everything with the time at their disposal?

Which person would you rather hang out with, become friends (or more) with, and which person would you rather do business with?

Which person do you want to be?