The Unlimited Potential of a New Idea

A person holding an empty notebook and a pen.

There is no feeling like when you’re starting a new project, be it a book, product, company, or anything in between.

An empty page, a clean sheet, or a fresh idea represents endless possibilities, and we’re eager to jump on it and start turning it into reality.

But usually, somewhere around the time when the novelty and excitement of a fresh start wear off, a lot of us tend to give up and focus on a new, exciting prospect, yet again with unlimited potential.

Finishing and shipping is the most important, crucial step of any project, and if you fail at that, you might as well didn’t start at all.

It’s the only way to get real, valuable feedback that will help you improve, address your shortcomings, and grow as a creator.

Before you start a new idea, make sure you finish and ship the current one. It’s the only way to learn, and the only way to actually accomplish something.