The Numbers of Art

People seem to be nowadays mostly concerned with numbers:
“How many people are reading my blog?”
“How much money can I make if I do this?”
“How many subscribers, followers and fans do I have?”

But the numbers are never good enough. There are always more readers, fans and followers to gain. This is very frustrating, because it means that we can never be where we want to be, that our goal is, and always will be, out of reach.

If the numbers don’t go up at least a little bit every day, we tend to give up, we tend to put ourselves down and we tell ourselves that our art isn’t good enough.

This kind of thinking amazes me. It is my firm belief that all effort and work we do is worth it if just one person gets inspired, changed, motivated or a tiny bit happier because of it. Sometimes are weeks and weeks of work paid off with a simple smile or a simple thank you.

If one person is willing to listens to you, it means that you have something worthy to say. Learn to appreciate it.