Play a Different Game

An aerial view of Apple's headquarters in Cupertino.

If you started a blog today, don’t expect a million visitors tomorrow.

If you embarked on a journey of learning something, don’t expect an invitation to be featured on a world-renowned podcast to talk about it.

If you created a brand new product, don’t expect to immediately overshadow an established competitor with millions of users and an immense marketing budget.

Instead, focus your attention on helping a very specific audience in a way that an established author or business can’t.

As a new blog author, you can thoughtfully answer every comment and start building trust.

As someone who doesn’t know anything about a subject, you can offer insight to people one step behind you and help them take their first steps easier.

And as a creator, you can build the product exactly in a way people who are frustrated with the competitor want, ignoring the masses and focusing on the specific needs of a few.

The fact that you’re just starting doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. But only if you choose to play by making your own rules.