Personal and External Goals

No matter what you do, try not to focus on goals that are depended on anything but yourself.

If your goal is to get a thousand (or a million) readers by the next month you depend on a thousand external factors you can’t control (and probably don’t understand either).

But if your goal is to write twenty articles by the next month and thus slightly improve your writing, not only you’ll have far better odds in achieving this, but you’ll also be more likely set a similar goal in the future. And if you continue to set similar goals. in the course of next few years you’ll slowly get to the point where you want to be now.

To put things into perspective, I’m probably not going to get a thousand, (let alone a million readers) ever, and that’s not really my goal anyway. I consider this to be impossible, so I choose not to waste my time and energy on it. What I do want to accomplish is improve my writing and my way of thinking. That’s a personal and more realistic goal.

If I help someone along the way, I’ll be very happy. If not, that’s good too, because I’m not trying to do that anyway.