Overnight Success (How Ideas Spread)

A silhouette of a person on a cliff during sunset.

Progress is never linear. In fact, it’s almost always exponential.

You invest your time and energy every day, bit by bit, and it seems like you’re going nowhere. And then, suddenly, overnight, something shifts, and your work becomes a sensation. (At least that is the plot for most of the success stories.)

Of course, it’s not overnight nor unexpected; it’s just that your ideas are bound to reach a tipping point when you work on them consistently and persistently enough. (Yes, exceptions on both sides of the spectrum are possible, but consistent, valuable work rarely goes unnoticed for long.)

And when the tipping point happens, everyone looking for shortcuts will try to replicate your success by copying the last bit of your journey. And it never works because there is no overnight success; just consistent tackling of the problem until your solution becomes valuable enough to spread.