On Gambling

A person holding chips and cards on a poker table.

Gambling is a helpful shortcut. You invest a bit, you gain a lot and solve all your problems.

There’s a slight problem with it, though. Gambling is deliberately designed, so you lose. Not so you don’t win, because no-one would play if there was no chance of winning.

The easy win is a hook that catches you and pulls you into a downward spiral of chance and luck. And it never works. Except for the house, of course.

Are you gambling with your social media presence, with your project, product, or company? Are you waiting for a lucky break that will change everything?

Take note of gambling. It might happen, but it’s not likely. And if it does happen, it might hurt you in the long run.

Much better to focus on deliberate practice and effort. Do the work and deliver value. It’s much more consistent, reliable & safer than gambling.