Good and Bad Time To Give Up

A person walking on a dune in a desert.

Most people give up either too soon or too late. Knowing when to persist or move on is incredibly difficult yet crucial if you want to make a difference, improve and grow.

A wrong time to give up is right after you start or when you face a hurdle, challenge, or obstacle. You have a lot to learn, and it’s foolish to think you’ll be good at something immediately after starting. Likewise, any obstacles you face will help you grow and improve your knowledge, thinking, and reasoning.

Give up if you’ve been ticking away at something patiently and consistently for an extended period (years, not months), if you’re sure there’s nothing more you can get from it (not just financially), or if you’ve learned the crucial lesson you needed to learn.

Don’t give up just because it’s hard. And don’t persist just because you’ve invested a lot of time in the past.