Given the Resources at Our Disposal…

Glasses on a desk in front of a laptop with an opened code editor.

“This is what we can do right now.

We know that the code can be better optimized, we know the design can be refined, we understand that this creates some issues for a group of our customers, and we know that we can do better.

But right now, this is what we can do, and we believe that it is better to ship in the current state than wait for all optimizations and tweaks that don’t make or break our product.

This is the initial version, and in the next release, we will address a number of these issues.”

You can’t release a product, especially when we’re talking about software, that is perfectly optimized, tweaked, and bug-free.

But you can acknowledge the issues you’ve found and make a commitment that you will address them soon. An Imperfect app that at least partially solves someone’s problem is much better than a perfect one that you keep for yourself.

There’s always room for refinement. Don’t let this stop you from shipping.