Don’t Always Try To Get What You Paid For

Coins spilling out of a jar.

Getting what you paid for might not always be a good idea.

Just because you purchased a streaming subscription doesn’t mean that you should spend all your free time watching shows and films. It’s probably better if you set a schedule, so you only waste a bit of time when you want to relax.

Just because you bought a lot of sweets doesn’t mean that you should eat them all at once. It might even be better for you if you end up tossing a good portion away.

Just because you decided to invest in particular software doesn’t mean that you should use it even after you discover a better alternative.

When you pay for something, get as much value as you want and need from it, but no more than that. Try not to fall into the trap of getting as much as possible, as it can sometimes cause more harm than good.