2021: Year in Review

An opened yearly planner on a desk.

The year 2021, just as the year before, was quite challenging for me. I spent most of my time trying to juggle work, side-projects, and family, and it mostly didn’t go that well.


  • CSS Weekly — Published 46 issues, started an Instagram profile (at the end of December).
  • Blog — Published 353 blog posts.
  • Inspiration Bits — Published 11 issues.
  • Biggest Shift — Quit my job.
  • Personal — Wrote every day, practiced Hungarian daily, read 12 books, exercised sporadically.

CSS Weekly

I didn’t make much progress with CSS Weekly, and I failed to create even a single product for my audience. I tried to stay on top of my weekly schedule, email, and obligations to sponsors, but I didn’t do too well most of the time.

This changes significantly in 2022, as I will spend most of my time working on the newsletter.

I’ve written about CSS Weekly in detail in a separate year-in-review issue.


I’ve published a blog post almost every day. I’ve written about what I was thinking about; things I noticed, ideas I had, and things I tried.

Most of my articles are bite-sized, and I’m writing them primarily to clarify my thinking and reasoning.

There were 1.175 visitors, with 3.240 page views, and my newsletter, which still isn’t started, got 18 subscribers.

In 2022 I will continue publishing daily and openly share my journey.

Inspiration Bits

I published merely 11 issues in 2021, and I abandoned the newsletter completely as other things got overwhelming.

I’m restarting it as we speak, and I’ll regularly publish in 2022 with a refreshed, improved format.

Subscribe to Inspiration Bits.

Biggest Shift

I quit my job of 8 years, which was a tough decision, as people I worked with are not just teammates, but close personal friends.

In 2022 I will focus full-time on my projects, with CSS Weekly at the center. I’m incredibly excited about what the future holds.

2022 Goals

I have a straightforward goal for 2022: To provide as much value as possible for my audience.

I will focus on content and product creation, ranging from articles videos to full-blown courses. I’ll try different things and experiment to see where I might end up.

I’ll share details about my journey on this blog and in my newsletter, Push the Envelope. I hope you’ll join me.